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Python 2 support removed

afew doesn't support Python 2 anymore, and all Python 2 specific compat hacks
were removed.

Better support for whitespaces and quotes in folder names

Previously, afew failed with folders containing quotes or namespaces. These
are now properly escaped internally.

Support `MAILDIR` as fallback for database location

In addition to reading notmuch databse location from notmuch config, afew now
supports reading from the `MAILDIR` environment variable, like notmuch CLI
does, too.

Support relative path for database location

As of notmuch 0.28, a relative path may be provided for the database
location. notmuch prepends `$HOME/` to the relative path. For feature
parity, afew now supports the same methodology of prepending `$HOME/` if a
relative path is provided.

Support for removing unread and read tags in filters

In a filter rule, it was possible to add "unread" and "read" tags but
not to remove them.



MeFilter added

Add filter tagging mail sent directly to any of addresses defined in
Notmuch config file: `primary_email` or `other_email`.
Default tag is `to-me` and can be customized with `me_tag` option.

License comments replaced with SPDX-License-Identifier

Where possible, license boilerplate comments were changed to just the
SPDX-License-Identifier, while adding the license to the repo and referencing
it in ``, too.

DMARCReportInspectionFilter added

DMARC reports usually come in ZIP files. To check the report you have to
unpack and search thru XML document which is very tedious. The filter tags the
message as follows:

if there's any SPF failure in any attachment, tag the message with
"dmarc-spf-fail" tag, otherwise tag with "dmarc-spf-ok"

if there's any DKIM failure in any attachment, tag the message with
"dmarc-dkim-fail" tag, otherwise tag with "dmarc-dkim-ok"

DKIMValidityFilter added
This filter verifies DKIM signatures of E-Mails with DKIM header, and adds
`dkin-ok` or `dkin-fail` tags.



FolderNameFilter supporting mails in multiple directories

FolderNameFilter now looks at all folders that a message is in when adding
tags to it.



Classification system removed

As of commit 86d881d948c6ff00a6475dee97551ea092e526a1, the classification
system (--learn) was removed, as it was really broken. If someone wants to
implement it properly in the future it would be much simpler to start from



Filter behaviour change

As of commit d98a0cd0d1f37ee64d03be75e75556cff9f32c29, the ListMailsFilter
does not add a tag named `list-id `anymore, but a new one called



Configuration format change

Previously the values for configuration entries with the key `tags`
were interpreted as a whitespace delimited list of strings. As of
commit e4ec3ced16cc90c3e9c738630bf0151699c4c087 those entries are
split at semicolons (';').

This changes the semantic of the configuration file and affects
everyone who uses filter rules that set or remove more than one tag
at once. Please inspect your configuration files and adjust them if