Changelogs » Aerisweather

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Changes include:
  - Removed redundant License file
  - Updated the Readme
  - Changed the name of the generic request test to test_custom_endpoint to better reflect that it tests the custom endpoint type and CustomResponse.
  - Updated the batch request test
  - Updated docs and code comments to provide better lib code docs.
  Visit the [AerisWeather Python SDK homepage]( for more docs and details.


Version 0.3.0 is an early beta release. This is the first public release of the Python SDK.
  This beta release includes support for a few of the most popular [AerisWeather API]( endpoints:
  - [Alerts](
  - [Forecasts](
  - [Observations](
  - [Observations Summary](
  - [Places](
  The demo Python file in AerisWeatherPythonDemo includes sample code for several of the supported endpoints.
  Jupyter Notebook:
  The Jupyter Notebook in AerisWeatherPythonDemo includes live sample code as well as setup and usage information regarding the SDK.