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- Adds support for re-starting agent after stopping it
  - Adds full test coverage for protocols generator
  - Adds support for dynamically adding handlers
  - Improves p2p connection startup reliability
  - Addresses p2p connection race condition with long running processes
  - Adds connection states in connections
  - Applies consistent logger usage throughout
  - Adds key rotation and randomised locations for integration tests
  - Adds request delays in SOEF connection to avoid request limits
  - Exposes runtime states on agent and removes agent liveness object
  - Adds readme files in protocols and connections
  - Improves edge case handling in dialogue models
  - Adds support for cosmwasm message signing
  - Adds test coverage for test tools
  - Adds dialogues models in all connections where required
  - Transitions erc1155 skills and simple search to SOEF and p2p
  - Adds full test coverage for skills modules
  - Multiple docs updates
  - Multiple additional tests and test stability fixes


- Transitions demos to agent-land test network, P2P and SOEF connections
  - Adds full test coverage for helpers modules
  - Adds full test coverage for core modules
  - Adds CLI functionality to upload files with packages
  - Adds full test coverage for registries module
  - Multiple docs updates
  - Multiple additional tests and test stability fixes


- Adds support for agent name being appended to all log statements
  - Adds redesigned GUI
  - Extends dialogue api for easier dialogue maintenance
  - Resolves blocking logic in oef and gym connections
  - Adds full test coverage on aea modules configurations, components and mail
  - Adds ping background task for soef connection
  - Adds full test coverage for all connection packages
  - Multiple docs updates
  - Multiple additional tests and test stability fixes


- Refactors all connections to be fully async friendly
  - Adds almost complete test coverage on connections
  - Adds complete test coverage for cli and cli gui
  - Fixes cli gui functionality and removes oef node dependency
  - Refactors p2p go code and increases test coverage
  - Refactors protocol generator for higher code reusability
  - Adds option for skills to depend on other skills
  - Adds abstract skills option
  - Adds ledger connections to execute ledger related queries and transactions, removes ledger apis from skill context
  - Adds contracts registry and removes them from skill context
  - Rewrites all skills to be fully message based
  - Replaces internal messages with protocols (signing and state update)
  - Multiple refactoring to improve pylint adherence
  - Multiple docs updates
  - Multiple test stability fixes


- Updates component package module loading for skill and connection
  - Unifies component package loading across package types
  - Adds connections registry to resources
  - Upgrades CLI commands for easier programmatic usage
  - Adds AEARunner and AEALauncher for programmatic launch of multiple agents
  - Refactors AEABuilder to support re-entrancy and resetting
  - Fixes tac packages to work with erc1155 contract
  - Multiple refactoring to improve public and private access patterns
  - Multiple docs updates
  - Multiple test stability fixes


- Updates message handling in skills
  - Replaces serializer implementation; all serialization is now performed framework side
  - Updates all skills for compatibility with new message handling
  - Updates all protocols and protocol generator
  - Updates package loading mechnanism
  - Adds p2p_libp2p_client connection
  - Fixes CLI bugs and refactors CLI
  - Adds eject command to CLI
  - Exposes identity and connection cryptos to all connections
  - Updates connection loading mechanism
  - Updates all connections for compatibility with new loading mechanism
  - Extracts multiplexer into its own module
  - Implements list all CLI command
  - Updates wallet to split into several crypto stores
  - Refactors component registry and resources
  - Extends soef connection functionality
  - Implements AEABuilder reentrancy
  - Updates p2p_libp2p connection
  - Adds support for configurable runtime
  - Refactors documentation
  - Multiple docs updates
  - Multiple test stability fixes


- Adds option to pass ledger apis to aea builder
  - Refactors decision maker: separates interface and implementation; adds loading mechanisms so framework users can provide their own implementation
  - Adds async and sync agent loop implementations; agent can be run in both sync and async mode
  - Completes transition to atomic cli commands (fetch, generate, scaffold)
  - Refactors dialogue api: adds much simplified api; updates generator accordingly; updates skills
  - Adds support for crypto module extensions: framework users can register their own crypto module
  - Adds crypto module and ledger support for cosmos
  - Adds simple-oef (soef) connection
  - Adds p2p_libp2p connection for true p2p connectivity
  - Adds pypi dependency consistency checks for aea projects
  - Refactors cli for improved programmatic usage of components
  - Adds skill exception handling policies and configuration options
  - Adds comprehensive documentation of configuration files
  - Multiple docs updates
  - Multiple test stability fixes


- Adds dialogue generation functionality to protocol generator
  - Fixes add CLI commands to be atomic
  - Adds Windows platform support
  - Stability improvements to test pipeline
  - Improves test coverage of CLI
  - Implements missing doc tests
  - Implements end-to-end tests for all skills
  - Adds missing agent projects to registry
  - Improves AEABuilder class for programmatic usage
  - Exposes missing AEA configs on agent config file
  - Extends Aries demo
  - Adds method to check sdtout for test cases
  - Adds code of conduct and security guidelines to repo
  - Multiple docs updates
  - Multiple additional unit tests
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Adds p2p_stub connection
  - Adds p2p_noise connection
  - Adds webhook connection
  - Upgrades error handling for error skill
  - Fixes default timeout on main agent loop and provides setter in AEABuilder
  - Adds multithreading support for launch command
  - Provides support for kwargs to AEA constructor to be set on skill context
  - Renames ConfigurationType with PackageType for consistency
  - Provides a new AEATestCase class for improved testing
  - Adds execution time limits for act/react calls
  - TAC skills refactoring and contract integration
  - Supports contract dependencies being added automatically
  - Adds HTTP example skill
  - Allows for skill inactivation during initialisation
  - Improves error messages on skill loading errors
  - Improves Readme, particularly for PyPI
  - Adds support for Location based queries and descriptions
  - Refactors skills tests to use AEATestCase
  - Adds fingerprint and scaffold cli command for contract
  - Adds multiple additional docs tests
  - Makes task manager initialize pool lazily
  - Multiple docs updates
  - Multiple additional unit tests
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Introduces IPFS based hashing of files to detect changes, ensure consistency and allow for content addressing
  - Introduces aea fingerprint command to CLI
  - Adds support for contract type packages which wrap smart contracts and their APIs
  - Introduces AEABuilder class for much improved programmatic usage of the framework
  - Moves protocol generator into alpha stage for light protocols
  - Switches CLI to use remote registry by default
  - Comprehensive documentation updates on new and existing features
  - Additional demos to introduce the contracts functionality
  - Protocol, Contract, Skill and Connection inherits from the same class, Component
  - Improved APIs for Configuration classes
  - All protocols now generated with protocol generator
  - Multiple additional unit tests
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Breaking change to all protocols as we transition to auto-generated protocols
  - Fixes to protocol generator to move it to alpha status
  - Updates to documentation on protocols and OEF search and communication nodes
  - Improvements and fixes to AEA launch command
  - Multiple docs updates and restructuring
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Fixes stub connection file I/O
  - Fixes OEF connection teardown
  - Fixes CLI GUI subprocesses issues
  - Adds support for URI based routing of envelopes
  - Improves skill guide by adding a service provider agent
  - Protocol generator bug fixes
  - Add aea_version field to package yaml files for version management
  - Multiple docs updates and restructuring
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Fixes registry to only load registered packages
  - Migrates default protocol to generator produced version
  - Adds http connection and http protocol
  - Adds cli init command for easier setting of author
  - Refactoring and behind the scenes improvements to CLI
  - Multiple docs updates
  - Protocol generator improvements and fixes
  - Adds cli launch command to launch multiple agents
  - Increases test coverage for aea package and tests package
  - Make project comply with PEP 518
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Add minimal aea install
  - Updates finite state machine behaviour to use any simple behaviour in states
  - Adds example of programmatic and CLI based AEAs interacting
  - Exposes the logger on the skill context
  - Adds serialization (encoding/decoding) support to protocol generator
  - Adds additional docs and videos
  - Introduces test coverage to all code in docs
  - Increases test coverage for aea package
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Skills can now programmatically register behaviours
  - Tasks are no longer a core component of the skill, the functor pattern is used
  - Refactors the task manager
  - Adds nonces to transaction data so transactions can be verified
  - Adds documentation for the protocol generator
  - Fixes several compatibility issues between CLI and registry
  - Adds skills to connect a thermometer to an AEA
  - Adds generic buyer and seller skills
  - Adds much more documentation on AEA vs MVC frameworks, core components, new guides and more
  - Removes the wallet from the agent constructor and moves it to the AEA constructor
  - Allows behaviours to be initialized from a skill
  - Adds multiple improvements to the protocol generator, including custom types and serialization
  - Removes the default crypto object
  - Replaces `SharedClass` with `Model` taxonomy for easier transition for web developers
  - Adds bandit to CLI for security checks
  - Makes private key paths in configs a dictionary so values can be set from CLI
  - Introduces Identity object
  - Increases test coverage
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Add programmatic mode flag to AEA
  - Introduces vendorized project structure
  - Adds further tests for decision maker
  - Upgrades sign transaction function for ethereum api proxy
  - Adds black and bugbear to linters
  - Applies public id usage throughout AEA business logic
  - Adds guide on how to deploy an AEA on a raspberry pi
  - Addresses multiple issues in the protocol generator
  - Fixes aea config
  - Adds CLI commands to create wealth and get wealth and address
  - Change default author and license
  - Adds guide on agent vs AEAs
  - Updates docs and improves guides
  - Adds support for inactivating skills programmatically
  - Makes decision maker run in separate thread
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Completes tac skills implementation
  - Adds default ledger field to agent config
  - Converts ledger apis to dictionary fields in agent config
  - Introduces public ids to CLI and deprecate usage of package names only
  - Adds local push and public commands to CLI
  - Introduces ledger api abstract class
  - Unifies import paths for static and dynamic imports
  - Disambiguates import paths by introducing pattern of ``
  - Adds agent directory to packages with some samples
  - Adds protocol generator and exposes on CLI
  - Removes unused config fields
  - Updates docs to align with recent changes
  - Adds additional tests on CLI
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Moves non-default packages from aea to packages directory
  - Supports get & set on package configs
  - Changes skill configuration resource types from lists to dictionaries
  - Adds additional features to decision maker
  - Refactors most protocols and improves their API
  - Removes multiple unintended side-effects of the CLI
  - Improves dependency referencing in config files
  - Adds push and publish functionality to CLI
  - Introduces simple and composite behaviours and applies them in skills
  - Adds URI to envelopes
  - Adds guide for programmatic assembly of an AEA
  - Adds guide on agent-oriented development
  - Multiple minor doc updates
  - Adds additional tests
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Removes dependency on OEF SDK's FIPA API
  - Replaces dialogue id with dialogue references
  - Improves CLI logging and list/search command output
  - Introduces multiplexer and removes mailbox
  - Adds much improved tac skills
  - Adds support for CLI integration with registry
  - Increases test coverage to 99%
  - Introduces integration tests for skills and examples
  - Adds support to run multiple connections from CLI
  - Updates the docs and adds uml diagrams
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Adds envelope serializer
  - Adds support for programmatically initializing an AEA
  - Adds some tests for the gui and other components
  - Exposes connection status to skills
  - Updates oef connection to re-establish dropped connections
  - Updates the car park agent
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Adds TCP connection (server and client)
  - Fixes some examples and docs
  - Refactors crypto modules and adds additional tests
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Adds python3.8 test coverage
  - Adds almost complete test coverage on aea package
  - Adds filter concept for message routing
  - Adds ledger integrations for and ethereum
  - Adds carpark examples and ledger examples
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Compatibility fixes for Ubuntu and Windows platforms
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Stability improvements
  - Higher test coverage, including on Python 3.6
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Multiple bug fixes and improvements to gui of cli
  - Adds full test coverage on cli
  - Improves docs
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Adds gui to interact with cli
  - Adds new connection stub to read from/write to file
  - Adds ledger entities (fetchai and ethereum); creates wallet for ledger entities
  - Adds more documentation and fixes old one
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Adds several new skills
  - Extended docs on framework and skills
  - Introduces core framework components like decision maker and shared classes
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Adds scaffolding command to the CLI tool
  - Extended docs
  - Increased test coverage
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Adds cli functionality to add connections
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Adds Jenkins for CI
  - Adds docker develop image
  - Parses dependencies of connections/protocols/skills on the fly
  - Adds validations of config files
  - Adds first two working skills and fixes gym examples
  - Adds docs
  - Multiple additional minor fixes and changes


- Adds aea cli tool.
  - Adds aea skills framework.
  - Introduces static typing checks across aea, using Mypy.
  - Extends gym example


- Provides examples and fixes.


- Initial release of the package.