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- Add ``independent`` flag for version parts. This part is not reset when other parts are incremented. For example, for
build numbers
- Add EXAMPLES.rst with several test cases
- Add new test cases: update version and build date, build number, annotated tags, test cases for almost all cases in


- Fix a bug with PR117: allow multiple config sections per file. Add a test case.


- Compatibility with Travis CI
- Publish on PyPi


Fork of fork. The project is renamed **advbumpversion** to avoid confusion with other forks.
The following Push requests are merged in this project:

- `PR8 <>`_ from ekoh: Add Python 3.5 and 3.6 to the supported versions: Add Python 3.5 and 3.6 to the supported versions
- `PR117 <>`_ from from chadawagner: allow multiple config sections per file
- `PR136 <>`_ from vadeg: Fix documentation example with 'optional_value'
- `PR138 <>`_ from smsearcy: Fixes TypeError in Python 3 on Windows
- `PR157 <>`_ from todd-dembrey: Fix verbose tags

I consider this project stable enough to raise the version to 1.0.0.


- Added support for signing tags (git tag -s)
thanks: Californian (`6 <>`_)


- Added compatibility with `bumpversion` by making script install as `bumpversion` as well
thanks: the-allanc (`2 <>`_)


- Added support for annotated tags
thanks: ekohl gvangool (`58 <>`_)


- Renamed to bump2version to ensure no conflicts with original package


- Fix bug where ``--new-version`` value was not used when config was present
(thanks cscetbon ecordell (`60 <>`_)
- Preserve case of keys config file
(thanks theskumar `75 <>`_)
- Windows CRLF improvements (thanks thebjorn)


- Document file specific options ``search =`` and ``replace =`` (introduced in 0.5.0)
- Fix parsing individual labels from ``serialize =`` config even if there are
characters after the last label (thanks mskrajnowski `56
- Fix: Don't crash in git repositories that have tags that contain hyphens
(`51 <>`_) (`52
- Fix: Log actual content of the config file, not what ConfigParser prints
after reading it.
- Fix: Support multiline values in ``search =``
- also load configuration from ``setup.cfg`` (thanks t-8ch `57


This is a major one, containing two larger features, that require some changes
in the configuration format. This release is fully backwards compatible to
*v0.4.1*, however deprecates two uses that will be removed in a future version.

- New feature: `Part specific configuration <part-specific-configuration>`_
- New feature: `File specific configuration <file-specific-configuration>`_
- New feature: parse option can now span multiple line (allows to comment complex
regular expressions. See `re.VERBOSE in the Python documentation
<>`_ for details, `this
as an example.)
- New feature: ``--allow-dirty`` (`42 <>`_).
- Fix: Save the files in binary mode to avoid mutating newlines (thanks jaraco `45 <>`_).
- License: bumpversion is now licensed under the MIT License (`47 <>`_)

- Deprecate multiple files on the command line (use a `configuration file <configuration>`_ instead, or invoke ``bumpversion`` multiple times)
- Deprecate 'files =' configuration (use `file specific configuration <file-specific-configuration>`_ instead)


- Add --list option (`39 <>`_)
- Use temporary files for handing over commit/tag messages to git/hg (`36 <>`_)
- Fix: don't encode stdout as utf-8 on py3 (`40 <>`_)
- Fix: logging of content of config file was wrong


- Add --verbose option (`21 <>`_ `30 <>`_)
- Allow option --serialize multiple times


- Fix: --parse/--serialize didn't work from cfg (`34 <>`_)


- Don't fail if git or hg is not installed (thanks keimlink)
- "files" option is now optional (`16 <>`_)
- Fix bug related to dirty work dir (`28 <>`_)


- Fix --tag default (thanks keimlink)


- add {now} and {utcnow} to context
- use correct file encoding writing to config file. NOTE: If you are using
Python2 and want to use UTF-8 encoded characters in your config file, you
need to update ConfigParser like using 'pip install -U configparser'
- leave current_version in config even if available from vcs tags (was
- print own version number in usage
- allow bumping parts that contain non-numerics
- various fixes regarding file encoding


- bugfix: tag_name and message in .bumpversion.cfg didn't have an effect (`9 <>`_)


- add --tag-name option
- now works on Python 3.2, 3.3 and PyPy


- bugfix: Read only tags from `git describe` that look like versions


- bugfix: ``--help`` in git workdir raising AssertionError
- bugfix: fail earlier if one of files does not exist
- bugfix: ``commit = True`` / ``tag = True`` in .bumpversion.cfg had no effect


- **BREAKING CHANGE** The ``--bump`` argument was removed, this is now the first
positional argument.
If you used ``bumpversion --bump major`` before, you can use
``bumpversion major`` now.
If you used ``bumpversion`` without arguments before, you now
need to specify the part (previous default was ``patch``) as in
``bumpversion patch``).


- add --no-commit, --no-tag


- If available, use git to learn about current version


- Mercurial support


- Only create a tag when it's requested (thanks gvangool)


- Initial public version