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- Support `UseKeychain` option ([189]( ([ocean90](
  - Support `ConnectTimeout` option ([132](
  - `.ssh/config`: Wrap long comments to avoid syntax errors ([191](
  - Fix integers output in `assh config list` ([181](
  - Initial graphviz support ([32](
  - Remove case-sensitivity for `Inherits` and `Gateways` ([178](
  - Loads hosts from `~/.ssh/assh_known_hosts` file when calling `assh config build`, can be ignored using `--ignore-known-hosts` ([178](
  - Add `assh config graphviz --show-isolated-hosts` flag
  - Fix nil dereference when calling `assh config serach` without providing needle
  - Add [sprig]( helpers to the template engine ([206](
  - Improve readability of `assh config list` ([203](
  - Add support for the `AddKeysToAgent` key ([210]( ([bachya](
  - OpenBSD support ([182](
  - Improve hostname output in `assh config list` ([204](
  - Support for inline comments ([34](
  - Initial support of values validation to avoid writing invalid .ssh/config file ([92](
  - Alpha version of the webapp ([69](
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- Support multiple string arguments of the same type on `assh wrapper ssh` ([185](
  - Remove the `NoControlMasterMkdir` option, and add the `ControlMasterMkdir` option instead ([173](
  - Accepting string or slices for list options ([119](
  - Add new `PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes` OpenSSH 7+ field ([175](
  - Gracefully report an error when calling assh without configuration file ([171](
  - Fix `written bytes` calculation ([quentinperez](
  - Add template functions: `json`, `prettyjson`, `split`, `join`, `title`, `lower`, `upper`
  - Support of `BeforeConnect`, `OnConnect`, `OnConnectError` and `OnDisconnect` hooks
  - Support of `write`, `notify` and `exec` hook drivers
  - Add `assh config json` command
  - Add `assh config {build,json} --expand` option
  - Round the hook's `ConnectionDuration` variable value
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- Fix panic in `assh wrapper` ([157](
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- Add a control socket manager `assh sockets {list,flush,master}` ([152](
  - Add a `assh --config=/path/to/assh.yml` option
  - Add storm-like `assh config list` and `assh config search {keyword}` commands ([151](
  - Add an optional `ASSHBinaryPath` variable in the `assh.yml` file ([148](
  - Rename `assh proxy -> assh connect`
  - Hide `assh connect` and `assh wrapper` from the help
  - Support built-in ssh netcat mode, may fail with older SSH clients ([146](
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- Add wrapper and `known_hosts` support to handle _advanced patterns_ ([122](
  - Add build information in .ssh/config header ([49](
  - Add Autocomplete support ([48](
  - Initial `Aliases` support ([133](
  - Use args[0] as ProxyCommand ([134](
  - Add `NoControlMasterMkdir` option to disable automatic creation of directories for gateways ([124](
  - Fix: Allow `$(...)` syntax in the `ResolveCommand` function ([117](
  - Printing the error of a failing `ResolveCommand` ([117](
  - Fix: `Gateways` field is no longer ignored when the `HostName` field is present ([102](
  - Ignore SIGHUP, close goroutines and export written bytes ([112]( ([QuentinPerez](
  - Various documentation improvements ([ashmatadeen](, [loliee](, [cerisier](
  - Support of new SSH configuration fields (`AskPassGUI`, `GSSAPIClientIdentity`, `GSSAPIKeyExchange`, `GSSAPIRenewalForcesRekey`, `GSSAPIServerIdentity`, `GSSAPITrustDns`, `KeychainIntegration`)
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- Avoid exiting when an included file contains errors ([95](
  - Anonymize paths in `assh info`
  - Support of `assh proxy --dry-run` option
  - Fix: do not resolve variables in hostnames twice ([103](
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- Expand environment variables ([86](
  - Add homebrew support ([73](
  - Add a 'ssh info' command ([71](
  - Templates support ([52](
  - Configuration is now case insensitive ([51](
  - Fix: resolving host fields for gateways ([79](
  - Fix: inheritance was not working for non assh-related fields ([54](
  - Fix: expanding variables in HostName ([56](
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- First **Golang** version
  - Compatibility issue: complete switch from `.ini` file format to `.yml`, the `~/.ssh/assh.yml` file needs to be manually crafted
  - Features
  - Parses `~/.ssh/assh.yml` and generates `~/.ssh/config` dynamically
  - CLI: Use gateways from CLI without any configuration needed
  - Config: Declares **gateways** in configuration
  - Config: Host **inheritance**
  - Config: Support of `includes`
  - Config: Support of Regex
  - Config: Handling **all sshconfig fields**
  - Config: Support of host `ProxyCommand` (inception)
  - Under the hood: Inspecting parent process **verbose**/**debug** mode
  - Under the hook: dynamic proxy using **raw TCP**, **netcat**
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