Changelogs » Adafruit-circuitpython-hue



CircuitPython Helper for Philips Hue Lights and Bridge. This library is designed to be lightweight and implements a subset of useful methods from the Hue API.

* Automatic Hue Bridge discovery and username generation/whitelisting.
* Username and Bridge address are stored in `` file for re-use.
* Methods for interacting with Philips Hue Lights on a local bridge (setting/getting).
* RGB-to-HSB conversion and scaling: Easily set lights using RGB instead of HSB (and scaling to integer sizes)

To use in CircuitPython, simply install the [Adafruit CircuitPython bundle](

To use in CPython, `pip install adafruit-circuitpython-hue`.

Read the [docs]( for info on how to use it.