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Minor changes to enable use as a module in python


Some minor changes, mostly related to code simplification


New version changes includes:

- Added ESPRESSO fits compatibility
- Added option to accept RV as input (to calibrate wavelength when CCF files are not available)
- Added option to accept a configuration file as input
- Can simulate HARPS pipeline s_raw index
- Added option to disable time-series plots

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Latest changes:
- Added option to disable fractional pixels.
- When there are more than one spectral order that fit a given bandwidth, the one with the highest S/N is chosen.
- Each ln_c (user input constant) is now multiplied to the respective line flux instead of being multiplied to the spectral index.
- Some aesthetic changes to plots.
- Some code simplification.
- Some small bugs corrected.

Latest version of the code as accepted by the Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS).